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- Chapter Awards:

Awards Descriptions

John L. Funk Award of Excellence - Originally named the Award of Excellence, it was renamed to honor Slim Funk, the founder of the Missouri Chapter, for his professionalism and commitment to Missouri aquatic resources. The recipient of this award is recognized for their professionalism and their long-term contributions to the aquatic resources of Missouri.

The A. Stephen Weithman, Jr. Leadership Award - This award was created to honor A. Stephen Weithman, Jr. for his long-term and outstanding leadership to the Missouri Chapter and Missouri’s aquatic resources. The recipient of this award is recognized for their leadership qualities which continue the leadership standards Steve established.

Lee Redmond Citizen's Award - This award is given to persons not directly employed in the aquatic field who make a substantial contribution to Missouri's aquatic resource. .

Letter of Recognition - A letter of recognition is given to an aquatics professional, a citizen, or a group to acknowledge one-time or short-term contributions that may not be covered by the other awards.


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Past Award Winners


John L. Funk Award of Excellence
1974: Mr. John L. Funk
1975: Mr. William H Dieffenbach
1976: Mr. John A Karel
1977: Dr. William L. Pflieger
1978: Dr. Robert S & Dorothy Campbell
1979: Mr. Jerry M. Sugarman
1980: Mr. George G Fleener
1981: Dr. James R Whitley
1982: Mr. Lee C. Redmond
1983: Dr. Richard O. Anderson
1984: Mr. Joe G. Dillard
1985: Mr. Charles A. Purkett, Jr.
1986: Dr. Richard A Schoettger
1987: Mr. David I. Foster
1988: Mr. Larry R. Gale
1989: Mr. Ernest J. Hamilton
1990: Mr. James P. Fry
1991: Mr. Phillip J. Jefferies, Jr.
1992: Mr. Otto F. Fajen
1993: Dr. Charles F. Rabeni
1994: Mr. Ronald J. Dent, Jr.
1995: Mr. Norman P. Stucky
1996: Dr. John (Jack) Jones
1997: Ms. Pamela Haverland
1998: Mr. William Turner
1999: Mr. Larry (Kim) Graham
2000: Mr. Richard M. Duchrow
2001: Mr. Tom Russell
2002: Mr. Al Buchanan
2003: Dr. David Galat
2004: Mr. Chris Vitello
2005: Mr. Gary Novinger
2006: Mr. Randy Crawford
2007: Mr. Duane Chapman
2008: Mr. Steve Eder
2009: Mr. Paul Michaletz
2010: Mr. Gary Heidrich
2011: Mr. John Fantz
2012: Mr. Jeff Koppelman
2013: Mr. Mike Smith
2014: Mr. Marlyn Miller
2015: Ms. Heidi Dunn
2016: Mr. Craig Paukert
2017: Mr. Kevin Richards
2018: Mr. Bob Distefano
2019: Ms. Trish Yasger
2020: Mr. Greg Stoner



A. Stephen Weithman, Jr. Leadership Award
2000: A. Stephen Weithman, Jr.
2001: Mr. Ron Dent
2002: Mr. Craig Gemming
2003: Mr. Norm Stucky
2004: Mr. Brian Canaday
2005: Mr. Steven Fischer
2007: Mr. Robert DiStefano
2009: Mr. Vince Travnichek
2010: Ms. Trish Yasger
2011: Ms. Jennifer Girondo
2012: Mr. Craig Fuller
2013: Mr. Greg Pitchford
2014: Mr. James Civiello
2015: Mr. Paul Calvert
2016: Mr. Andy Austin
2017: Ms. Sherry Fischer
2019: Mr. Wes Swee
2020: Mr. Joe G. Dillard



Lee Redmond Citizen's Award
1982: Ms. Martha R. Shirk
1983: Mr. Robert M Lindholm
1984: Mr. Ralph M. Steppe
1985: Citizen Committee for Soil, Water, and State Parks
1986: Operation Clean Stream
1987: Mr. Ronald D. Oesch
1988: Mr. Leo Drey
1989: Mr. James Jackson
1990: Mr. Gregory L. Thurman
1991: Mr. Doug Wiley
1992: Mr. G. Andy Runge
1993: Mr. Dave Hamilton
1994: Mr. Kenneth Midkiff
1995: Mr. Darwin Hindman
1996: Dr. William Rolston
1997: Mr. Scott Dye
1998: Union Electric (Dan Jarvis & Charlie Kempf)
1999: Mr. Jim Tennyson
2000: City of Piedmont and McKenzie Creek Steering Team
2001: Mr. Mike Long
2002: Ms. Melody Torrey
2003: Mr. Jim Davis
2004: Ms. Becky Denny
2005: Mr. James Huckens
2008: Mrs. Regina Van Patten
2009: Mr. Dave Murphy
2011: Mr. Joe Brown
2012: Ms. Diane Orley
2013: Knights of Columbus
2015: Mrs. Debra James
2016: American Commercial Barge Lines
2018: Mr. Larry Ruff
2019: Ms. Dawn Classey
2020: Ms. Susan Wrasmann
2022: Bob Virag



Letter's of Recognition
1980: Mr. William H. Dieffenbach
1981: Mr. William Bennett
1982: Mr. John L. Morris
1983: Mr. Charles E. Hicks
1984: Lake Taneycomo Management Committee
1985: Missouri Conservation Commission & Truman Lake Environmental Assessment Team
1986: Chlordane Task Force
1987: Streambank Erosion Evaluation Team
1987: Mrs. Susan E. Finger
1989: Missouri Stream Team
1989: Citizen Committee for Soil, Water, and State Parks
1990: Undercover Operation for Illegal Harvet of Paddlefish
1991: Dr. Serge I. Doroshov
1992: Roubidoux Fly Fishers Stream Team
1992: East Central and Southeast Protection Regions for Efforts to Protect Mussel Resources
1993: Mr. Edwin H. Glaser
1994: Dr. Michael J. Roell
1994: Cameron Kights of Columbus
1995: Dr. David Galat
1995: Mr. Rod Smith
1996: Mr. William Anderson
1996: Mr. Norman Stucky
1996: Mr. Al Buchanan
1996: Ms. Kathleen McGrath
1996: Ms. Donna Menown
1996: Mr. William Turner
1996: Mr. Christopher Vitello
1996: Mr. Kevin Sullivan
1996: Dr. Mark Windhaber
1996: Ms. Pamela Haverland
1997: Dallas County NRCS Office
1997: Mr. Joe G. Dillard
1998: Dr. John Besser
1998: Mr. Frank Gordon
1998: Mr. Curtis Gooch
1998: Mr. Philip Pitts
1998: Mr. Thomas Groshens
1998: Mr. Scott P. Sowa
1999: Ms. Angie Bucklew
1999: Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Marine
1999: Forsyth Bass Club
1999: Mr. Gordon Farabee
1999: Mr. Robert Montgomery
1999: Mr. William Anderson
2000: McKenzie Creek Planning Team
2000: Mr. Travis Moore
2000: Mr. Donnie Wren
2000: Mr. Mick Hawkins
2001: Mr. John Fantz
2001: Mr. Michael Deruntz
2001: Mr. Bill Miller
2001: Mr. Charles C. Ragsdell II
2001: Mr. Phillip A. Schroeder
2002: Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District Board
2002: Ms. Debbie Niederer
2002: Mr. Tim Grace
2002: Mr. Jim Davis
2002: Mr. Greg Fritz
2002: Mr. Chad Pegracke
2002: Mr. Chris Campbell
2002: Ms. Tabitha Madzura
2002: Ms. Vicki Richmond
2003: Mr. Matt Matheney
2003: Mr. Duane Chapman
2003: Mr. Mark Zurbrick
2003: Mr. Steve Gough
2003: Mr. Chad Smith
2003: Ms. Leslie Lihou
2004: Mr. Michael Roell
2004: Wappapello Lake Corps of Engineers
2004: Ms. Debbie Neiderer
2004: Ms. Debra Mayers
2005: Protection Division, MDC
2005: Mr. Larry O'Donnell
2006: Mr. Darren Thornhill
2006: Mrs. Betty Cook Rottmann
2007: Kirksville Middle School Staff
2007: Dr. Bill Ambrose
2008: Great Rivers Engineering
2008: Mr. Terry Finger
2009: Multi-agency Big River Assessment Team
2010: MO Natural Resource Conference Steering Committee
2010: Mr. Phil Pitts
2011: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Barbara Kipfer
2012: Mr. Phil Pitts
2013: Mr. Steve Eder
2013: Mr. Mark Van Patten
2014: Mr. Clint Hale
2014: MO Natural Resource Conference Steering Committee
2014: Brook Trout Evaluation Team
2014: National Fish Habitat Initiative Project
2014: Southeast Sinkhole Tire Round-Up Crew
2015: Mr. Carl Romesburg
2015: Ozark Fly Fishers, Inc.
2015: Ms. Kat Lackman
2015: MO Dept. of Conservation Protection Division and Special Investigation Unit
2016: Mr. Sam Hardy
2016: Stream Stewardship Trust Fund Defense
2016: Mr. Mark Zurbrick
2016: Mr. Bob Pellegrin and the staff at Choices for People
2016: Missouri Department of Conservation’s cold and warm water hatcheries written history effort.
2016: Mr. Jake Allman
2017: Mr. Vince and Mrs. Rebecca Travnichek
2017: Ms. Kara Tvedt and Ms. Kenda Flores
2017: Electrofishing Equipment and Safety Committee
2017: Smallmouth Bass and Rock Bass/Goggle-Eye Work Group
2017: Mr. AJ Pratt, Mr. Nathan Recktenwald, and Ms. Kenda Flores
2018: Shags and Trevor
2018: Ms. Janet Sternburg
2018: Mr. Dan Metcalf
2018: Mr. Francis Skalicky
2018: Commercial Fishing Cooperators
2019: Mr. Don Rahm
2020: Stream Teams United
2020: Mr. Dennis Keller