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MOAFS Fundraising
Raising additional funds to support the mission of MOAFS is an essential and often enjoyable activity. It is important that we as a society continue to fund student support activities, educational events, disabled angler engagement, and the many other great things our organization values. To this end, we challenge all members to consider ways they can help fundraise. One of the easiest ways to help is to consider donations for the auction and raffle events at MNRC. For instance, perhaps you have artistic talent and can donate an item for auction such as a nicely framed photograph, a drawing or painting, or a wood carving. Maybe you, or someone you know, is willing to host guided hunting or fishing trip. Perhaps you love tying flies but have more than you can use, and so you could package some up for a donation. If you have ideas, please feel free to contact the Finance Committee or Eric Rahm and we can discuss options.

We are currently exploring a unique potential fundraiser and education activity. Bob Hrabik and MDC have given MOAFS permission to use the wonderful fish photographs that will appear in the upcoming revision of Fishes of Missouri. Thanks to several talented undergraduates at the Mizzou Student Subunit, we have already drafted a serries of posters covering the entire diversity of fishes in Missouri. We hope to print these posters and sell them as not only a fundraiser, but also an opportunity to showcase the many beautiful and often under-appreciated fish found in Missouri’s waters.

Contact Eric Rahm at or 573-418-0035.

Auction items may be paid for here.